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Ready to go out drinking in Toronto? Get your night out started right with your host Zoubin taking you on a bar crawl.

Zoubin will take you to some of his favorite bars, where we'll have a drink at each bar before moving onto the next.

The focus of this bar crawl is to mingle with the local bar regulars in the bars as well as the the other Airbnb guests.

Please expect a down to earth experience. Wear your friendliest, most fun attitude, and strike up conversations with anyone nearby.

The crawl will end early enough to allow you plenty of time to hit the town with your new found friends, and your buzz.

Zoubin, being a barfly himself, prefers small bars with character, enough character to attract a healthy % of regulars.

None of the bars will be sports bars or have TVs.

All these bars will be drinking establishments without any real kitchen. So be sure to have something to eat before you show up.

Most of these bars only accept cash, so make sure you have enough cash on you.

Be friendly, respectful, stay safe, lookout for your drink mates.

Buying the event host drinks gives you good karma.


The reviews of this bar crawl can be seen at the Airbnb event page here: https://www.airbnb.ca/experiences/99860&nbs...; (the price is discounted meetup.com)

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