First Apache Beam meetup Zürich: Beam @ + portable schema + BeamSQL


We want to invite you to join us for the 1st Beam meet up in Zürich.

The meetup will take place on November 19th. We hope to be able to welcome you at the Google offices!

18:00 - Registrations

18:45 - Kick-off

19:00 - 1st talk: Beam at

19:45 - 2nd talk: Beam portable schema and BeamSQL

20:30 - Food, drinks and networking


1st talk
Tobias Kaymak, Data Engineer @, is our first speaker of the night. Tobias was born and raised in a small village in West-Germany who has, since his very first job, somehow been fascinated by the vast amount of possibilities and pitfalls in the field of data engineering. He worked for a mobile-gaming company, marketplace providers, a phonebook, and for his relatives fixing their computers.

His talk is reflecting on the transformation that happened in the past year since he joined's Data Intelligence team. Ricardo went from a on-premise data warehouse fed by batch-loaded dumps to a BigQuery based solution that is using Apache Beam jobs running on an Apache Flink cluster. This cluster was born on-premise and then moved to the cloud when the datacenter was finally shut down in March this year. It also includes the additional tweaks and learnings that have been applied while running the cluster in Google Kubernetes Engine.

2nd talk
Robin Qiu is a software engineer in Google. He works on Google Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam. His experiences on Beam focus on approximate aggregation transforms, Beam schemas and SQL.

Robin will talk about his previous work on creating a new count-distinct Beam transform based on a space-efficient and BigQuery-compatible HyperLogLog++ algorithm implementation.
He will also talk about the ongoing development on portable Beam schema and BeamSQL, and have a live demo on running a SQL transform embedded in a Beam Python pipeline on Apache Flink runner.

Who should attend
Everyone interested in Data Engineering, Data Science and Machine Learning, who wants to learn about one of the newer and exciting Apache projects focused on batch & stream processing of data. We try to cover both business value as well as digging deeper technically.

Thanks to Google for providing the space, food & drinks at this meet up.