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This is a group for anyone who is interested in learning the skills to become more assertive. I'm a coach here in Zurich and I believe in the power of assertive communication to speak up in many situations (work, private life, as an expat in a new country). When our needs are expressed and when we say the right YES's and NO's, an infinite world of opportunities arise for us.

For every meet up I will also bring a book where we can get inspiration and every month there is a different topic to work on, always related to the path to assertiveness!

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Self-Management and Assertive: Don't just only function!


CHF 25.00

Hi dear all, This event, which was scheduled for September, is now available for December! Don't miss it. Have great self-management before the holidays! When I met Romeo Ruh, career coach at Grass Group, we were at a networking event, and this topic came up. I liked when he said "Well, people cannot just function". And I agree. By the end of this meeting you will be able to understand how to manage yourself better and how to use assertiveness to increase self awareness and your inner strenghts! Hands on wowrkshop, where Romeo will show us practical exercises for better self-management.

Assertiveness and Nutrition: take care of yourself


CHF 25.00

What is your relationship with food? Are you assertive with it, and saying NO sometimes to it? Or are you recurring to it as an expression of your frustration? Together with nutrition coach Jenneke, from Essenz company, we go through some practical exercises to see how stress affects your nutrition, and how you can overcome it with some self-confidence and assertiveness! By the end of the workshop you will be more aware of what your body is telling you, and how to self-assert yourself and taking care of your infrastructure. Usual drill: if you don't have PayPal, just bring cash and you can pay at the door. FindYourWay in cooperation with: http://www.ernaehrungsberatung-essenz.ch/

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