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This is a group for anyone who is interested in learning the skills to become more assertive. I'm a coach here in Zurich and I believe in the power of assertive communication to speak up in many situations (work, private life, as an expat in a new country). When our needs are expressed and when we say the right YES's and NO's, an infinite world of opportunities arise for us.

For every meet up I will also bring a book where we can get inspiration and every month there is a different topic to work on, always related to the path to assertiveness!

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Assertiveness Circle: Learn to say No and communicate with confidence

Please note: After your RSVP on this Meetup page, please don't forget to confirm your seat by signing up on the below Zoom link (20 seats available ): https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIqdO-rqzgpH9Ht1SyCXwPUn2sIjJAuEXVq --------------------------- What if you could experience saying NO while being at peace with yourself and communicate your needs amazingly clearly at work and in your relationships? Come to this eye-opener session! Alessandra will give you the most basic exercise to start being assertive and we will share our challenges. Assertiveness is not just an attitude, it is so much work on ourselves. This is why at the end of the session Alessandra will talk about her group coaching sessions online called "Assertiveness School" (part of a bigger program and absolutely no obligation to take part in the future). Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Are you compromising more than you wish? Taking up too much in order to please, or withdrawing yourself because you think you might be a burden to others? Remember: you are not a burden in this world, you are a gift! Discover how to say NO to the task but YES to the person. Alessandra, founder of FindYourWay Coaching, uses techniques from science, psychology and non-violent communication experiments coming from years of clients' work and mental wellbeing teaching.

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How to Say No: 2 hours of Assertiveness Tips

Online event

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