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Connectors are people who know many, many more people than the average, and love introducing them to one another. Usually, you will only find a handful of them at an event. Let's see what happens if the event is exclusively made for them :-)


"It has become part of our accepted wisdom that six degrees (or fewer!) is all that separates us from anyone else in the world. How can that be? Because some of those degrees (people) know many, many more people than the rest of us.
Call them super-connectors. We all know at least one person like this individual, who seems to know everybody and whom everybody seems to know."

"The key is not only that we know thousands of people, but that we know thousands of people in many different worlds, and we know them well enough to give them a call. Once you become friendly with a super-connector, you're only two degrees away from the thousands of different people we know."

- Keith Ferrazzi, "Never Eat Alone"

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