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An exciting evening, that takes you from an object oriented view to a functional programming view (FP).

Heres how I’ll try to do it (code examples will be C# or F# based):

Highlight how core features of computation affect the scalability of design (e.g. mutability, memory management, object dispatching, …)

- Goal: show how interfaces between abstraction layers are affecting your programs.

Introduce some of the base FP building blocks: discriminated union, fold, monad, …

- Special attention will be given to the monad

- Time permitting: intro to zippers and comonads

Finish by revisiting some classic OO design patterns from an FP perspective.

- To celebrate 20y of design patterns.

Presenter: James Litsios

James has co-written and lead three major software systems:

• A derivative market making and algorithmic trading system

• A semicondutor device simulator

• A CAD system for analog circuits

When he is not taking on contract work, he like to write his own FP compilers and model human behavior.