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Accelerate your Entrepreneurial Journey to Succeed - Zurich

Are you a talented, ambitious entrepreneur eager to make a difference, and looking to find ways to accelerate your success?

Do you have an existing business or want to start a business but you aren't moving forward at the rate you want?

You're more than ready to break through the constraints that you're seemingly confined to if you'd only know how!

We bring together entrepreneurs, business owners, and high-level experts, who share their skills and their strategies in marketing, branding, sales, and business, we also will learn from Industry Experts and Speakers who will provide you the tools to take your business to a Higher Level with no strings attached.

We won't leave out any details or withhold any secrets. You will get to hear exactly how we did it and how you can do the same and create the success you desire.

For you: This is also an opportunity to connect with like-minded driven entrepreneurs, share and exchange knowledge, be accountable for one another and together have a good time. Program:

<br> Registration (mandatory) starts at 4:00pm, the event will start at 5:00pm

<br> Welcome

<br> 🗸 Sharing Knowledge

<br> 🗸 Quality Facilitated Networking

<br> 🗸 Speakers will Share their Strategies

<br> 🗸 Session with Q&A

<br> 🗸 Business Case Study

<br> 🗸 Session with Q&A

<br> 🗸 Exchange, share, connect & build relationships

<br> * This is an evening for you make sure to make the best out of it. Everyone says that to be successful, you have to take action.

<br> Action is not something you say, it's something you do...

<br> NOTE: this is 'NOT a How To Succeed Quick but instead How to Succeed in Business for Sure '-event!

<br> This is for you if you are:

<br> - Serious about taking your entrepreneurial journey and life to the next level in the fastest way possible

<br> - Committed to pursuing what you truly love to do or what you are truly passionate about

<br> - Willing to take action towards living life on your term

<br> We appreciate your time and want to dedicate our best knowledge to people who are invested in themselves and take their lives and careers seriously.

<br> Get your ticket now to start your fast-track to the top! Please note that seating is limited!

<br> We are so looking forward to meeting you. Kind Regards

<br> Valeria Vinclair – Organizer


<br> Yesterday you said tomorrow, tomorrow you will say someday. Someday is not a day in the week, the less excuses you have, the more successful you will become.

<br> Let's stop talking about it and start getting it done by attending this event