What we're about

Being a flâneur or a flâneuse is most of a time a solitary but enriching experience of self-discovery while walking aimlessly in a city. For the time being, Zürich is our city.

The purpose of this group is to connect people who enjoy walking, writing about walking, who take pleasure in journaling their itineraries, or who simply find inspiration in walking and discovering new places.

Anybody who wants to connect and share ideas about their ways of interacting with the city or who want to share their writing/art/ideas/thoughts on this topic are warmly welcomed.

Every week a new café will be chosen and we will have conversations on different topics from the philosophy of walking to gendered spaces, from fiction writing to simply enjoying our time in Zürich.

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Walking and writing in Zürich


The first meeting of the Zürich Flâneur/Flâneuse Group. We will meet in front of Grossmünster and then walk a little around the area, spontaneously choosing a café/bar where we will continue our conversations. Possible topics but not fixed in stone: Walter Benjamin's concept of the flâneur, Elkin's "flâneuse", solo travel. I will bring one or two books on these topics, among which A Philosophy of Walking (Frédéric Gros).

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