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ZPN Directory Inaugural Event
*UPDATE: For those unable to attend in-person, this event will also be broadcast via YouTube Live. RSVP and receive the link so you can see the reveal of the website for the ZPN Directory, ask questions and submit a elevator pitch video to be broadcast over YouTube Live and to the attendees Let's kick-off the New Year and this new Journey on the right foot! This event will be the first for the group and it is where you learn what will happen and give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and/or your business. Activities - First, we will explain what the directory will be, explain its structure, what it will look like, how you can participate and how it will benefit you. - Second, we will break into groups and work on our "elevator pitch". For those that don't know, one of the keys in business is being able to introduce yourself and/or your business in a concise and quick manner. The time it would take to ride with someone in an elevator. Remember, people lose interest quickly, hit the major points that should interest a potential client or employer. Get the person interested and asking questions. (If you can, work on this before and bring it with you). In the smaller groups we will work on our elevator pitches with each other and try to find ways to improve them. Here is an article and a video to help you get started: - Last, stand in front of the everyone and give your elevator pitch. Pique the interest of those in the audience. Make them want to speak with you later because you have what they may need. Afterwards, we will speak with each other, make connections and perhaps go for drinks. *As is stated in the description of the group, this group and the directory will be charging a small monthly fee for participation. However, this will begin after this inaugural event. Come to the event and get a feel for the value that could be added to you and/or your business. Build your network, promote others and have a group of people that will promote you. **Please be on time. The doors to the building lock and once the event begins, no one will know if you are outside. See you there!


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    What we're about

    *UPDATE: Events will also be broadcast on YouTube Live! Promote yourself!

    Our mission

    The goal of this group is to promote expats that are business owners, self-employed, independent or even job seeking. We want to strengthen the expat professional community through networking events in Zurich and hopefully, one day, in Switzerland. Join the group and the directory!

    ZPN Directory

    To be added to the directory please complete this form:

    We plan to build this directory into a website to help promote and advertise expats


    An event every two weeks

    • Wine tasting

    • Speed dating for businesses

    • Think-tanks and Experience sharing

    • Who are you? - Present your business in 3 minutes and answer questions.

    • and more...


    *There will be a small monthly membership fee once events begin in January

    **Please do not use the directory to spam our members. Violators will be banned.

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