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This meetup is for everyone that loves working with R and wants to learn more. Check out the website (http://zurich-r-user-group.github.io/).

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Schedule: 6.15 pm Doors open 6.30 pm Welcome by Markus Senn and the organizing team 06.40 pm - Talks by Alexander Noll (PartnerRe) and Kilian Reber (SUVA) 7.45 pm Are you hiring? Looking for an R related job? ... or organising an interesting event? Take the stage for one minute. (DM us if you need a slot!) 08.00 Apéro & Beer (Sponsored by PartnerRe) *** Talk I - "Medical underwriting triage: An end-to-end machine learning case study" by *Alexander Noll*, PartnerRe: PartnerRe rapidly grows its presence on the Canadian market for individual life insurance. This growth means that our local medical underwriting team has to handle 25 percent more cases every year. To manage these additional cases without increasing headcount at the same pace, the team has to operate more and more efficiently. In a market where response time is a key differentiator, we improve efficiency by using machine learning to triage and prioritize the underwriting team's case work. In this talk, we describe the model pipeline end to end. That is, we cover the entire implementation chain from accessing data to the eventual evaluation of the added value. In particular, we discuss often neglected topics such as model risk mitigation, technical deployment of the model and integration into business processes. 07.10 pm - Talk II - "Introducing chartbookR" by *Kilian Reber*, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, SUVA: To forecast where the economy is headed, one first needs to understand where it currently is in the business cycle. To this end, economists usually employ large chartbooks to monitor economic and financial market developments. Many still use Bloomberg or Datastream-linked excel files, others spend large amounts of money on stand-alone charting tools. The chartbookR package presents an open-source alternative. It's a convenient tool to download, transform, and visualize economic and financial market data in order to build large chartbooks. The package takes care of all data wrangling, minimizes required coding, but offers full visualization flexibility. In my talk, I will present the package and its interactive charting capabilities, as well as an Rmarkdown chartbook example. *** We're always looking for speakers, apéro sponsors, topic ideas and potential locations for our events. Please get in touch with the Zurich R User Group!

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