AI reinforcement learning & analytical data mgmt with R

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6.15 pm Doors open
6.30 pm Welcome Zurich RUG & cynkra (
6.40 pm Talks (see below)
7.45 pm Are you hiring? Looking for an R related job? ... or organising an interesting event? Take the stage for one minute. (DM us if you need a slot!)
~ 8 - 9 pm Beer & Apéro sponsored by Cynkra


### Use case of reinforcement-learning examplified by Super Mario AI
# Sebastian Heinz, CEO @statworx

- Intro Reinforcement Learning
- Theory recap
- Implementation in R using the package „reinforcelearn“ (short demo)
- Use Case: Super Mario AI


### Analytical Data Management with R
# Hannes Mühleisen, Data management systems research @cwi_da/@CWInl, Assistant Professor @UvA_Amsterdam

Managing persistent data is a challenge, but purpose-built data management systems are challenging to integrate into an R workflow. Embedded solutions such as SQLite are unable to deliver the performance required to scale to multi-Gigabyte datasets. In my talk, I will review the state of the art in the R ecosystem for persistent data management, discuss the current shared challenges with native type conversion, the application of modern developments in R (especially ALTREP) to the issue and future developments in the analytical data management systems space that will be interesting for R users.