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Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data & UseR 2019

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6.15 pm Doors open
6.30 pm Welcome Zurich RUG
6.40 pm Talks (see below)
7.45 pm Are you hiring? Looking for an R related job? ... or organising an interesting event? Take the stage for one minute. (DM us if you need a slot!)
~ 8 - 9 pm Beer & Apéro sponsored by cynkra & R consortium


### \pkg{quanteda}: Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data
# Stefan Müller, Postdoc @Department of Political Science, UZH
In recent times the availability of textual data has increased massively, and there are multiple opportunities to analyse texts in the private sector or to answer social science research questions. Stefan Müller introduces quanteda, an R package for natural language processing tasks such as corpus management, tokenization, analysis, and visualisation ( By emphasizing consistent design, the package lowers the barriers to learning quantitative text analysis. In addition to introducing quanteda and the typical workflow, Stefan will outline challenges and future directions of text-as-data methods.


### useR!2019 Toulouse : ZRH-PARIS-BORDEAUX-TOULOUSE
# Matt Bannert, KOF Konjunkturforschungsstelle, ETH Zürich
The 2019 edition of the biggest R show on the planet is in the books.
About three months later, R enthusiasts from around the world returned from their trip to southern France, the community has somewhat digested the gathering. Discussions with other attendees, the posters, videos of the talks and reflection of the very own live experience have helped to disentangle highlights and process impressions.
If you could not attend, this talk is a chance to catch a glimpse of the useR! experience. And even if you have been to Toulouse in July -- you might hear about a talk or two you could not attend.
In any case: Be prepared to travel to Milano (eRum) or St. Louis (useR!) in 2020 as the talk will increase your fear of missing out!


Rämistrasse 71 · Zürich, al
18 spots left