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Welcome to the ZürichRPG Meetup Group!

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Calling all adventurers! Let's play some Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu and many other role-playing games on a tabletop, with pen and paper and rolling dice. We started this group to meet other role-playing enthusiasts, beginner and experienced alike, to get together and play characters through endless adventures.

Dungeons and Dragons is the most popular tabletop role-playing game of all time. The game is played usually with 4 to 6 players. One person takes the role of storyteller, AKA the Dungeon Master or DM, and narrates the story in a high fantasy world filled with magic, monsters, romance, intrigue, and adventure. The rest of the players take on the roles of individual fictional characters and explore that world, often becoming the heroes of a completely interactive story. Different shaped dice are used to determine the outcome of attempted actions.

Finding players and scheduling RPG games is a little more complicated than just showing up for a game. Our goal is to make this happen for as many DMs and players as possible.

If you're new to Roleplaying Games or a seasoned player, whether you're an experienced DM or are curious but worried to try, join our group, and get in touch with our vibrant community.

Our games are primarily in English, though we mostly speak it as a second language, so don't worry about not being fluent. We run introductory games for first timers, one shot adventures (a one evening only adventure), and mini and long campaigns which can run from a few sessions to many months.

Money. Why is it always money?

In order to support our costs, we kindly ask if you could spare a few gold coins (CHF), but it's not mandatory, obligatory or anything similar. Players pay nothing to attend any session of an adventure and you're free to join them through MeetUp or our Website https://www.zurichrpg.ch (in which you will be able to donate if you're willing to). DMs donate their time and do not pay for anything. The money we collect helps us with the money we spend on DnDbeyond where we pay a monthly subscription as well as buying most RPG books in their digital form to make them available to our DMs and players. When we have money left, we do occasional giveaways to our community. If you have more questions about our pricing and spending, feel free to get in touch with our organizers.

Call for DMs

After only a few months of opening this group, we are over 180 adventurers already and most are players. Although we wish we could run games for all these players, we are quite dependent on volunteer DMs to propose games to players of our community. If you're a DM and would like to participate, please let us know. We have lots of resources we can make available to you to help you out and organize finding the players, find a venue and publish your adventure.

You've never been a DM but don't feel enough experienced yet or you just don't feel ready? We can help too. We helped several new DMs, even some who never played RPGs before, get their feet wet with a very easy adventure to run the Lost Mine of Phandelver and with beginner players to discover D&D with. It's a lot of fun.

If you want to be a DM with us, please get in touch with any of our organizers.

Upcoming events (5+)

Five Moons [Long Campaign]

Alternate Locations

Hi, we are an ongoing weekend gaming group that started with the now closed Winterhur meetup group that has been playing regularly for the last 4-5 years. We have recently started a new game using Five Moons RPG and plan to run it as a long term game for 2019. The game is a Fantasy RPG in line with Dnd and Pathfinder, but not linked to a specific setting. We currently have 5 members, and have room for 2 more members. We play weekly from 10.00 to around 17.00 usually on Sundays, in Zh and Winterhur. The party size will vary between 3-6 players depending on people's availability. We currently work as rotating DMs, each person running their own adventures (or mini-campaigns) using DnD, Pathfinder and home brewed adventures. YOU are one of the newest members of the Adventyr Adventures Guild, seeking to escape your previous life for one that offers escape, freedom, a road to riches or power. The reasons you seek adventure are your own. You will join your fellow guild members in undertaking missions and quests on behalf of the guild, who provides training and guidance for members. WiIl you explore lost ruins, raid bandit strongholds, solve unexpected deaths... Who knows. PLEASE CONSIDER: Feel free to come and join us if you are looking to play regularly. If more people are interested I will happily sort out a waitlist and can contact in case people leave etc. Familiarity with dnd, pahfinder etc is not needed, we welcome new players who want to try. After settling in you will also get support and a chance to try running your own session. Please bring your own pens and pencils etc, and dice if you have, but we can lend you some if needed. There is no fee to play, people chip in for snacks, and drinks and lunch is sorted out or ordered in as people decide. We play in members homes, so if you have special dietary restrictions you can always bring your own food.

The Shifting Times [D&D 5e Campaign]

Mühlegasse 16

This is Monarvia, a land ruled by 9 Houses. Long are the war times and this land enjoys a long peaceful age, only broken by the occasional raiders on the borders and some bandits inside. Merchants ride along the roads bringing materials, goods and luxury to all the cities around. All seems peaceful and perfect, but some people starts to perceive omens, bad omens the most pessimistic people will say. But truth is, roads are not as safe as before. • What we'll do This will be a long campaign, meaning it could bring the players from level 1 to 20. We will play regularly on weekends. This will be a biweekly game. The DM of this campaign is Lohengrin (Svalnir on our Discord server). Feel free to contact him if you have any questions. • What to bring Beverage & snacks, pencils, dice (if you don't have any, we'll have some extra ones to lend).

Tears of Betrayal - L5R 5th edition Campaign - Session 1

Character creation and first session for the L5R campaign. Introduction: In these times of strife, a group of youths approaches the village of Tsuma for the Topaz Championship and their gempukku, the coming-of-age ceremony that will mark them as fully- fledged samurai. Each contestant has come from a different clan and dreams of being the highest-scoring contestant in the tournament. Together with them, a group of veteran samurais are traveling with them to escort them, protect them or simply show them the world far beyond their clan lands. Once the championship is finished, and the escorting task is completed, the samurais sit together in a tea house to decide how to spend the last weeks before returning home... What to expect: Legend of the five is a tabletop role playing game that takes place in Rokugan, a Fantasy setting inspired mainly in the feudal Japan with other Asian influences, players take the role of samurais, courtiers, Monks or shugenjas (priests that have a special connection with the spirits that allow them to use the elements a against their enemies). We will create a new set of characters and will initiate the campaign! What do you need to bring: SNACKS! Bring your own snacks, and if you bring something else to share, much better. No need to bring anything else,The GM will provide the empty character sheets, dices and any other needed material. Important: REMEMBER TO JOIN OUR DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discordapp.com/invite/r5CMgtq Once you join, you can contact me there (Dserrano) and I will open a channel for the game where I will share the characters and solve all your possible questions!

La'Anta [D&D 5e Short Campaign]


• Description: You have joined (some voluntarily some not) the "Platinum Soldiers", a mercenary group that operates in the whole kingdom. They mostly provide services to small towns and villages where the king's knights are not present. For a price of course. These services are most often not without danger, but the pay is always good. The order of this service seemed simple enough: "Go to La'Anta, a small village near the forest. Speak with the Primar and resolve his issues." • What we'll do: This is a homebrew campaign of about 3-4 sessions in the system of D&D 5e. The adventure is for 5 level 2 characters. The characters will be created before the first session or pre-made characters can be used. The game is open to beginner players and more experienced adventurers. We will discuss further sessions and possible alternate locations before the first session in the discord (see below). • What is needed: Dice, pen and paper if you have them. There will be some spare dice available if not. A new 2nd level character has to be created. We will help you create one if necessary using our Discord Server https://discordapp.com/invite/r5CMgtq. For ease of use and organization you will be asked to create your character on DnDBeyond. A link will be provided and the app is free for you to use. The app is not necessary to play, you can print out your character sheet if you prefer to do so. Some restrictions apply to character creation, which will be discussed in the discord channel.

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