What we're about

ZURICH STORYTELLERS is a meetup for people who want to learn (more) how to craft good stories and an opportunity to practice telling them in a supportive friendly atmosphere. Begun in Oct. 2016 as a labour of love by Joel Blom (https://joelblom.com/), it's grown into a community of 1500+ members that meetup to compare, share and be inspired by true stories - told well.

IN 2020, long-time member Gian Floriddia (https://floriddia.com/) stepped forward in the midst of coronavirus lockdown with an offer to host our meetup online with his PodioBox (https://podiobox.com/) platform. Possessing a natural curiosity for finding good stories in everyday experiences, Gian's slam stories can make us laugh like children or blink away an involuntary tear. As our newest co-host, we're demonstrating our commitment to keep raising the bar of Zurich's favorite meetup.

BECAUSE we believe stories matter. They shape the way we perceive our own causes and whether others will care about them. By giving purpose to our actions, the stories we tell ourselves (and others) are at the core of our success – or lack of it.

OUR PROGRAMME varies but generally time is divided between learning/sharing techniques of crafting story, a cameo by a Guest Storyteller and enjoying stories members spin during our StorySlam - when names of those who wish to tell a story are put in a hat and the lucky ones are drawn at random. Member stories can be prepared in advance or improvised on the spot.

From an abandoned storage space to a convivial meeting place in the heart of Geneva, the first Boréal Coffee Shop (http://www.borealcoffee.ch/) café opened in April 2009 at Rue du Stand 60. Now with 3 locations in Geneva and 2 in Zürich, not only storytellers can expect an amazing experience, but everyone who wants to know how much a café's attitude contributes to patrons sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Here are 10 useful tips - from an exciting beginning to emotionally satisfying ending:
Hook us. Make us care about you. Paint the scene. Clearly state your fears, desires, the dilemma. Make us invested in the outcome. Introduce the conflict. Make us worried for you. Impress us with observations that are uniquely yours. Pull us into the moment when it all goes down. Conclude as a different person: Victorious? Defeated? Bewildered? Enlightened? … CHANGED !!

FORMAT (can vary month to month)
Warm-up games & activities
A Guest Storyteller presentation
Ask Anything - Guest Q&A discussion
StorySlam* (voluntary participation)

* StorySlam modeled on "The Moth (https://themoth.org/share-your-story/at-a-live-event)" style of storytelling (+-5 min. narratives)


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