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What we’re about

Yay! We've got a new website

ZURICH STORYTELLERS (ZST) is a non-profit organization producing storytelling events and workshops for our story loving community. Because we believe stories matter. They shape the way we perceive ourselves, our causes, what’s at stake and whether others will care.

ZST live events are an intimate fun-filled evening of 5-minute stories by people who have a passion and desire to share an authentic true story with their hometown crowd. The stage is open to everyone, but our (very cool) L200 event space has limited seating - reserve yours now.

The storySLAM is an open-mic storytelling competition. Anyone with a true story to share on the night’s theme is welcome. All stories should be 5 minutes or less and true, as recalled by the storyteller.

To help you tell better stories at work, home or the pub, we host storytelling workshops. It's for members who want to learn (more) about the art and craft of story creation. An opportunity to create, iterate and practice storytelling so you can confidently tell your story on stage at an upcoming ZST event - or bring a smile to the faces of friends, family and colleagues.

Is leveraging the power of storytelling to foster change through meaningful relationships. Because ironically, in a world where everyone is digitally connected 24/7, alienation and isolation are endemic. Sharing our stories leads to meaningful relationships and relationships are the foundation of community AND a community makes facilitating change possible. Join our cause by adding your story to our community.

Here are 10 useful tips - from an exciting beginning to emotionally satisfying ending: 
Hook us. Make us care about you. Paint the scene. Clearly state your fears, desires, the dilemma. Make us invested in the outcome. Introduce the conflict. Make us worried for you. Impress us with observations that are uniquely yours. Pull us into the moment when it all goes down. Conclude as a different person: Victorious? Defeated? Bewildered? Enlightened? … CHANGED !!