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The aim of this group is to build a strong network of women in the tech industry and STEM academic fields. While the footprint of women in these areas is getting stronger, a gender gap still exists. So let's learn from each other and encourage each other to succeed and archive our professional goals.

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Hack'n'Lead - the first women-friendly hackathon in Switzerland for everyone

Attention: The organizer of this event is women++ https://www.womenplusplus.ch/ Come join us at Switzerland's first women-friendly hackathon! Apply now at https://www.womenplusplus.ch/hacknlead What makes Hack-n'Lead different from other hackathons? Childcare ​ At Hack’n’Lead we provide childcare and offer opportunities for children to take their first steps in coding. In EU-27 countries, 85% of parents who reduce working hours in favor of childcare are women. By offering childcare, we avoid this trade off and on top of that provide the opportunity for children to get involved in tech at a young age. No overnight coding ​ At Hack’n’Lead there is no overnight coding. By emphasizing the need for balancing work and private life, Hack’n’Lead becomes accessible to people who may be juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time and still want to be involved in a hackathon. Prep-events ​ Prior to Hack’n’Lead, there will be prep-events, which will give participants a better understanding of how to make the most of the event, provide tips on how to prepare and boost confidence for those who may be new to hackathons. Emphasizing learning: Mentors-to-Participants ratio ​ Hack’n’Lead specifically emphasizes the learning process. Last year, we had 1 mentor for every 2 participants, meaning teams received active attention from experts in their fields to further improve the projects they were working on. Coding, Business and Domain Expertise ​ The success of tech-projects is largely driven by inter-disciplinary teams. Hack’n’Lead actively seeks participants with expertise in different disciplines, in order to create feasible products Please only consider yourself registered if you received an email explicitly saying so! See also our prep events: - Simple website building and git (survival kit) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/survival-kit-for-your-first-hackathon-prep-hacknlead-1-tickets-66167491749 - data science and machine learning https://www.eventbrite.com/e/data-science-workshop-prep-hacknlead-2-tickets-68461717841 - intro to graphql https://www.eventbrite.com/e/introduction-to-graphql-workshop-back-end-prep-hacknlead-4-tickets-68462442007

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