Canceled Meetup

Writing, Coffee, Laughing and Connecting


In this meetup, we'll, well, write, talk, laugh and connect. I'll give you a few writing prompts on happiness, body image, self-love and more. BUT you can also just write whatever comes to your heart. If you want to use the time for introspection, great, if you want to work on your novel, perfect, if you want to write poems, go you. This is YOUR time, so use it however you like.

We'll have some time for discussion before and after our dedicated writing time and everything will be totally relaxed and chill. If you want to share what you've written, we'd love to hear it. If you don't, we'd love that too. :)

So often, we don't allow ourselves to just spend time for writing and give ourselves the permission to write what we want. This is your opportunity.