Python Project Night (Py101)



Theme for this event is Python 101: Building Awesome Command line apps

Team projects are fun exercises, where we breakup into teams of four and solve the problem together under an hour. The teams are designed to have diverse experience level giving an ability to learn and teach python concepts at the same time.

Here's a checklist for you to decide if this project is for you.

• Have a personal computer with working wifi and power cord

• Have Python 3 installed on your computer. Yep, Python 3 only.

• Have Atom or Sublime Text installed in your computer

• You are already be familiar with writing & running programs in Python

• lists, dictionaries, functions and some idea about classes

• installing packages with pip

• checking out code from github to your local machine

• Willing to work in a team which has diverse experience levels

• You are on chipy slack (

Here is a sneak peek (!


Bring your own project and work at your own pace. Ask for help, help some one out if there's a question you can answer!

a wireless-enabled laptop and power cord.


Braintree, as always is sponsoring the food, beverages and the space. Please drop some ❤️-bombs to them on twitter @braintree (!

Code of Conduct (