ChiPy WebDev SIG

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Thank you to SpotHero for hosting our first WebDev SIG meeting of 2019!


Our talks:

Into the Ansible
by Jacob Hudson
Lead Cloud Engineer – Advanced Analytics @ Discover

This is a higher level talk on what, why, and how of Ansible - an open source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) provisioning and configuration management framework that is developed in Python. Included will be examples of key Ansible components, solid use cases, and navigating around gotchas and pitfalls so a DevOps engagement does not turn into a DevOops enragement. While having Python skills is not a requirement to develop Ansible Playbooks, it can prove adventitious and allows one to expand Ansible with custom modules. Finally, references for getting started on a Pythonic IaC journey will be provided!


If Statements are a Code Smell
by Aly Sivji

Learn how to use polymorphism to separate logic and make code easier to read. This talk will provide a high-level introduction to Object-Oriented programming in Python, discuss how polymorphism can result in cleaner program design, and walk through a case study refactoring if statements to classes.


Instrumenting a Django web app with Prometheus
by Andrew Kirkham
Senior Engineer, SpotHero

In this talk we will go over instrumenting a Django application with Prometheus. Prometheus collects metrics (single and multi-dimensional) from your application, displays the results, can trigger alerts, and more. We can collect metrics on endpoints, critical function paths, individual numbers, etc. We will then use this data to observe historical trends and identify problems in the application before they become widespread issues.