What we're about

The name says so much. We're designers based in San Diego with a common interest in the digital world.

This Meetup group is intended to help us stay connected, get out of our holes; to always have someone to talk with about trends, workplace issues, design tools and approaches, job opportunities, and digital culture.

It's so easy to put your head into your screen, and so many of us work alone or on very small teams. And those of us on large teams need to remember the world outside those large teams.

We'll be having casual, monthly, meal-based, conversational gatherings for a small fee and a fixed, reserved attendance. Soon we'll be adding coworking meetups.

This Meetup group helps us put faces to the names we see all day in our active Slack team.

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COMMUNITY EVENT // Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers

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Dinner with some San Diego Digital Designers 🍽️

Tribute Pizza

Lunch with some San Diego Digital Designers 🥪


Rachel Gauvin on 👏 Getting 👏 Shit 👏 Done

Blink - UX Research & Design

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