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How To Be A More Engaging Speaker Using Stand-Up Comedy!
Click Here To Register Now! ( About This Workshop A great comedy performance—like a great presentation—is all about delivery. Learn how to better utilize your body and voice to pitch in a clear, entertaining and unforgettable way using proven techniques from your favorite comedians like Chris Rock, Jim Gaffigan and Tina Fey! Takeaways From The Stage - Actionable strategies on how to improve your delivery and room command to become a more engaging presenter - Tips on how to utilize your voice to build tension, punctuate critical points and truly be heard - How to collaborate more effectively using “Yes, And” - The importance of breaking the “4th Wall” to increase audience engagement - Techniques to manage pre-pitch stage fright Click Here To Register Now! (


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We Are Comedians & Storytellers Helping You Be a More Confident, Engaging Speaker!

Comedians live or die by their delivery. Improv performers soar or crash based on their ability to control a room. These professionals possess skills and experience that the rest of us in the corporate world badly need but are rarely given.

We all need these skills. Whether it's pitching your boss for a raise, giving a sprint demo or presenting to a customer, most of us are required to be professional presenters whether we like it or not.

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