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Join this meet up if you are drawn to self-healing, meditation, spirituality, self-development, breathwork, love, prana, community, entheogens, consciousness, transcendence, shadow work, alternative healing, or shamanism.

Try this healing practice in the comfort of your own home. Join me, Robin Solo and let me guide you in a safe container with other like-minded, loving travelers. No experience necessary just an open mind and heart! I will explain the practice and possible physical and emotional sensations. For an optimal experience, pick a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed, and have a mat, blanket, eye covering, and water. I can't wait to meet and support you! 

This active breath work, Breathwork or Pranayama is a powerful and ancient practice gaining in popularity as a fast method to relieve stress, build immunity, and release pain/disharmony in your body, your tissue, your DNA.   It drops you into a deep meditative state and beautifully calms your nervous system alleviating anxiety and stress as well as increases your immunity by oxygenating all your cells, vibrating them with aliveness. Breathwork accompanied by curated sound may release stuck or bypassed emotions as well as dislodge physical pain. You are likely to feel free, peaceful, inspired, compassionate, and joyful!
Simply put, you will feel better and breathe better!

Stranger things have happened;  bliss states, connecting to loved ones who’ve transitioned, out of body experiences, spontaneous healing and connecting to your higher self and guides.

It is essential to nourish your physical and emotional well being but this modality isn’t for everybody. Please read the contraindications, meaning, who shouldn't do Breathwork below. before joining the zoom call.

I'm so glad you've joined!

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