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Peace! Love! Forgiveness! Awakening with A Course in Miracles
IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME - YOU MUST text Lisa at (Seven-Zero-Two-Six-Seven-Zero-Zero-One-One-Zero) if you plan to attend or have questions about this meeting. We average 6-18 people per class. What you will learn about in this class: * How the mind works and how to listen to your own Internal Guidance. * How to release judgement and truly forgive yourself and others. * How to apply powerful tools to your daily life. * How to have healthy, loving, peaceful relationships with everyone. * What the true cause of all suffering is. * How to use feelings as a gauge to discerning what is true from the false. * How to make peace with your past, release fears about the future and live in the present. Come if you are new to the Course in Miracles or if you have been studying it for some time. Every class is a different focus. For almost a decade, Reverend Lisa Trevino (a spiritual ordained minister) has been facilitating Course in Miracles meetings and working one on one with students. This is NOT religious. A course in Miracles does have some christian terminology, but the message is ALL about forgiveness, healing, and release from suffering. Questions or insights are welcome. We encourage group participation and for you to listen for and speak from what resonates for you. We laugh, share, question, and move through the material, acknowledging that we are ALL teachers and students in life, but that we have an Inner Guide, One True Teacher, within us all that speaks on behalf of our True Self. And so it is. If you feel like checking it out, don't worry about "joining". It is a very casual atmosphere for those who wish to be there at a given moment. We aim to have a good time in the process too! All paths respected. All levels of experience, from novice to advanced welcome! * The class is FREE. There are plenty of books to read from without purchasing one. (New) books are $20 each and can be purchased at the meeting if you want your own. A donation basket will be passed around to cover expenses and you are free to donate what you feel inspired to. Also, you WILL NOT be called on to speak. If you wish you may just come to listen. Refreshments provided. Text Lisa at (Seven-Zero-Two-Six-Seven-Zero-Zero-One-One-Zero) if you plan to attend or have questions about this meeting and text your full name to be put on the list before you come. We average 6-18 people per class.

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This course offers a life changing shift in perception. A Course in Miracles is one of many paths to inner peace. Come meet other teachers and students of A Course In Miracles. We meet every Thursday evening from 6:00-8:00pm and Saturday evenings from 4:00-6:00pm.

Many of us feel we've found a home in this teaching and in this community. To change your life, change your mind. This is a self directed mind training course. Calm negative or compulsive thinking, fear of the unknown and dwelling on the past. We teach and learn how to stop the mind chatter using the Course through open discussion. The group is designed to deepen our awareness of the material at work in our lives by sharing our understanding of the text and our life experiences. We aim to provide a serious, open, fun and safe environment. There are no dues, fees or commitments to membership.

Although each of us is both a teacher and a student of the course, we believe there is ONE Teacher who is among us and speaks through us. We read the book aloud and share what we feel moved to about what we read. In this way, we gain greater insight and understanding and have a more moving and healing experience with the text. It doesn't matter how long you have been studying ACIM, you are welcome to our group. We have found many other paths have lead people to ACIM, including Tolle, Hicks, Walsh, Chopra, Dyer, 12 Step Recovery, etc and ALL are welcome and encouraged to attend!

You can purchase the book online, at book stores, or at our group, or you can just come and listen to see if it is something that you feel moved to read! No fees. All paths respected. See you Thursdays and Saturdays!

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