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ACIM on the PHONE! Two Hour Session 5-7pm PST - ALL Welcome

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ALL are welcome - beginners to experts! Every week we will select a topic and a selection of A Course In Miracles to read and discuss in the group. This is a very experiential approach to the material since we will be speaking about how to apply the wisdom of the Course to our daily lives and awakening. Please review the Agreements & Guidelines below and sign up here or email us at to let us know you are coming.
1) The class starts every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time and ends at 7:00 p.m.

2) Please use regular land line or a cell phone with a strong noise free signal. Less than 2 bars is not acceptable. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is also not recommended.

3) We offer this call on a Love Offering basis. Suggested donation is $10/class. Follow your Inner Guidance/Heart. Donations are made through a Paypal link here
If you cannot show support in this manner, please come anyway!

4) All that is said on the call is confidential. Please do not share what anyone has shared outside of the meeting. This allows the call to be a place where members can ask questions and speak freely as we apply the principles of the Course to our awakening.

5) We use the ACIM Original Edition or Sparkly Edition, not the Foundation Version. This way we are all reading from the same version. There are online sources for this for free if you don't have a hard copy. If you have questions about this, please email us @

6) There will be a "tea and bathroom" break halfway through the class and you agree to remain on the telephone call and alert at all other times. You also agree to stay focused and quiet while on the call and you will not be doing other activities at this time (washing the dishes, cleaning my room, eating dinner, starting a fire in my fireplace, etc.) You wouldn't be doing those things if we were joined in person in a group, and it is a gift to the class as well as to yourself to take this time to devote to joining.

7) Questions are welcome! We are all teachers and sometimes asking a question and seeing how the answers given from other teachers resonates with you, do you find greater clarity and wisdom. Please keep the questions to what we are discussing specifically on the night's call and A Course In Miracles. If the group gets "off topic," one of the facilitators will ask that we redirect our focus. Please also keep mindful of the length of your share so that many have the opportunity to share. You do not have to share at all either. If you like, you may sit in silence.

8) If you have concerns, questions, or ideas not talked about in the group, you may contact us to recommend a topic to be discussed and/or contact any of the three of us to request a private session. Private sessions are available on a donation basis by the hour, anywhere from $40-100 depending on the facilitator/your needs.

9) Lastly, you agree to not be looking to debate, argue, interrupt or judge what others say. Remember, if we seek peace, we won't find controversy. If we seek controversy, we won't find peace.

If you understand and accept these terms, here are the call instructions:

Call Times:
5-7pm PST or 8-10pm EST, Tuesday nights
(Please come 5 minutes early to class to avoid interrupting the intro prayer or meditation. However if you are running late, come anyway, but mute your phone on entrance to the call.)

Free Conference Call
Conference Dial-in Number: (610) 214-0000
Participant Access Code: 320134#

Instructions: When prompted, enter the assigned access code, followed by the # key.
Once connected to the live conference, every caller will be able to talk.

Lisa Trevino Nyki Dobson Pamela Whitman

Licensed Practitioners of The Community Miracles Center - San Francisco, CA

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