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Á La Table (literally "at the table" en Francais) is a group for San Francisco (and other local) single seniors to meet regularly for dinner in San Francisco dining establishments. The intent of this group is NOT to be another "dating service", but rather to provide great companionship at dinner and an opportunity to meet new people over good to great food. If relationships arise out of these events, that is great, but it is not the focus. We will keep M/F genders roughly balanced at each table (no more than two extra people of a common gender at a single table).

There is a reservation deposit of $10 for each meet-up event to reduce no-shows and cover basic meet-up group costs. Assuming you come to the meet-up, $5 of your deposit will be applied to your dinner bill. You may cancel your reservation up to two days prior and you will be refunded your deposit in full less any processing fees (approximately $1.25). If you cancel less than two days prior, there will be no refund. In the event of a bonafide emergency, you may be granted a refund upon substantiation and at the discretion of the Organizer.

On occasion, there may be a post-dinner event connected to a meet-up dining event; a film, theatrical production, dancing at a club, etc. You are not required to attend post-dinner events but we hope that you do.

In order to stay on good terms with the restaurants, we will always pay by a single check. All participants must be able to pay the event host at the restaurant with Zelle, Venmo or PayPal (online payment methods via your cell phone) or cash. Direct credit card payment can not be accepted by the event host. Payment at the time of dinner is necessary to avoid financial problems. If you fail to pay or your payment is cancelled for any reason, you will be subject to a $25 penalty fee in addition to any owed amount before you may participate in another meet-up event.

Membership Requirements

• All members must be between the ages of 55 and 70. As long as you appear to be approximately the correct age, we will not request proof but we reserve the right to request proof if there is any concern.

• This is a group for people who are not attached. All members must be single, divorced or widowed, and must not be in a current relationship. If you enter into a partnered relationship, you may remain in the group but you may not attend our regular meet-up events (there may be a small number of events that permit people who are in relationships with their partners which will be announced specially). We ask that each member honor this requirement for the good of all.

• All members must have a photo on their profile or as part of their membership request. This is not because we want to keep people out based on there looks, but to insure the safety of our members and to be able to recognize members at our meet-ups. If you have a bonafide reason for needing to maintain public confidentiality, please message the Organizer and explain your issue and we will determine if an exception can be made.

• All members must be able to pay at the restaurant via online payment (Zelle, Venmo, PayPal) or cash. Individual checks will not be permitted.

Note: We are open to people who are LGBT but we can not pair people by preference. We are also open to trans-, gender fluid or non-binary members, but as we will be balancing genders, we can only do that for the two selected primary genders (M and F) and you will need to choose a "most compatible" gender to use when making reservations.

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