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What we’re about

Hello all- I've decided to close the group as my time has become very limited and the expense of keeping the group running keeps increasing. I also think this group ran its course over the year and a half I have led it.

I know that there are many excellent meetup groups specifically for Empaths and HSPs and I encourage you to join one or many of them.  

I want to thank you for your support and I wish each of you the best of luck in your growth and journey as an Empath and HSP.

Sending you all love and best wishes,



***Please note if you are experiencing difficult emotions keeping you stuck, there will be free webinars the week after Thanksgiving given by Empath and HSP therapist Joanne Kim that can help:


If you are an empath or HSP or you think you might be one, you have found your tribe! This supportive community is a safe space where we can discuss our shared experiences of being an empath, a highly sensitive person, and an intuitive. Some of what we'll talk about: The gifts of being an Empath or HSP, the power of empathy and intuition, development and growth of both, strategies to protect our energy and stop absorbing the negative energy of others, and many other topics and issues related to Empaths and Highly Sensitive People. For more information on Empaths and to find out if you are one, please visit Dr. Judith Orloff's website: or for HSP visit Dr. Elaine Aron's website:

This is a supportive, non-judgmental, and safe space for open and honest discussions on life as an Empath and HSP. We are a community of supportive and positive people helping each other grow by sharing our own experiences and creating friendships. Due to Covid-19 all meetings will be via Zoom, however in the future there may be in person meetups, although virtual happy hours are not out of the question!

*******DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a therapy group and I am NOT a therapist. I founded this group as a safe place for people to share their experiences and stories and grow as Empaths and Highly Sensitive people through honest discussion and reading. The purpose is to learn and grow a supportive, safe community for all who need and want it.