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A Serious Challenge to Quantum Mechanics

A Serious Challenge to Quantum Mechanics


Doubters of Quantum Mechanics unite. This meetup is for any student of physics. We will explore the meaning of quantum mechanical wave-particle duality. We will explore alternative interpretations of past key experiments, and examine new experiments recently performed by yours truly, Eric Reiter. These new experiments reveal an "unquantum effect" that defies a strong prediction of QM. We offer that a "threshold model" can replace quantization. You might recall that a similar idea, called the "accumulation hypothesis," was described but rejected in our textbooks. We identify flaws in those arguments. Also, I offer derivations of equations for key experiments, now free of wave-particle duality. Please review Eric's material at During our meetings, you will have ample opportunity to question Eric and discuss details. The threshold model and experiments use simple algebra.

QM inescapably implies a weird, non-local, non-causal form of spooky action at a distance. We can do better. The double-slit experiment has been popularized as a statement of the weirdness of QM; it is a statement of the paradox. We use a better test: the beam-split coincidence experiment. However, we have improved the beam-split test to show the flaw of QM. We are not just showing wave properties. We are showing the failure of the QM-particle-property in the test that is most famous for asserting that particle property. Physicists will argue that their QM particle must go one way or the other at a beam-splitter. Those tests have previously employed visible light. My new beam-split tests use gamma-rays and alpha-rays, singly-emitted from spontaneous radioactive decay. The unquantum effect is robust: we test that singly-emitted property, we count only full-height "well-behaved" pulses, we subtract background, tests were repeated many times, tests were performed many ways, the effect is not some special case, and many sources of artifact were explored since its discovery in 2001. I show that a singly emitted gamma can go to both detectors, in coincidence, and at rate greatly exceeding chance. My results might seem like a two-for-one effect. How can you get two-for-one? The tests force you to consider that part of what we are measuring must be there in the detectors ahead-of-time. This implies a pre-loaded state. Quantum mechanics denies this pre-loaded state. QM fails. The threshold model can explain both: effects that were interpreted by quantization, and this new unquantum effect revealing the pre-loaded state. We will examine the difference between my beam-split tests and those of others. My test was also successful in splitting alpha rays (helium).

My new tests are not difficult to perform. All details are on my website and I will help anyone to perform them. There are many ways to add original work to mine, thereby making it a perfect opportunity for a student's masters or PhD thesis. I do not have all the answers. However, after 20 years of trying to find flaws in my experiment and theory, it seems like I have something to offer. Let us unite to show how nature can make sense. Thank you, ER, 2021
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