What we're about

Have you been wondering what this Bitcoin thing is all about?

Are you looking to meet some new friends and have some fun on a Friday night? Have you been looking for a group of people that also share your love for crypto?

Well look no further, you have found all those things!

Our third official Crypto University meet up is going to be on Friday, Feb 9th at 777 Main St in Hartford CT. We have reserved the top floor of the building for this event. We will have a huge event space, plenty of room for all of you to join.

This event is for crypto lovers of all ages, and experience levels…we are simply looking to get the family together!

We are going to have a segment for crypto beginners, where we will explain all the basics and give you a good understanding so that you can navigate through the crypto space a bit easier.

We are also going to have investment opportunities for those who are interested. Working on some really big stuff, can’t wait to share it.

One thing that our first meet up was missing, were some games! We are currently in the process of throwing some cool stuff together for that as well, all suggestions are welcome!

Something we are going to make sure to do at every event is provide FREE SWAG GIVEAWAYS!

Every attendee will get a raffle ticket for the giveaways, but if you bring a friend, you will get an extra raffle ticket!

Invite whomever you would like to the event, the more the merrier!

If you are lucky, maybe we will even give away some coins!

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