What we're about

We've now moved under the Accessibility Scotland (https://accessibility.scot/) banner, with the intention of helping to run a few smaller events around Scotland asides from the annual conference.

So, what are Accessibility Scotland meetups?

Accessibility Scotland meetups are intended to act as a vehicle to help inspire, promote, and run occasional local meetups and events outside of the annual conference (which has been in Edinburgh for the last three years).

Who should attend a meetup?

Anyone with an interest in accessibility.

We generally attract developers, designers, people who work in accessibility, usability and user experience professionals, or any other user-centred profession (digital or non-digital) - it's a mixed bag, and we like it like that.

Why should you join this group?

You should join this group if:

• You would like to network with like-minded professionals that are passionate about inclusive design.

• You would like to learn how to make your work more accessible.

• You would like to hear talks by people working in accessibility-related topics?

• Or maybe you want to just touch-base to share your ideas with like-minded folk.

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Accessibility Scotland, in Glasgow!

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Inclusive UX

50 George Square Lecture Theatre G.03

Initial group meet and greet


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