A Field Guide to Web Accessibility with Derek Featherstone

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We all know that we need to ensure that our websites are accessible. But what does that really mean? In this talk, Derek reveals learnings from working and testing with people with disabilities, and how solving these accessibility issues leads to better experiences for everyone. You'll leave with new tools to create better designs, and new techniques to create better code.

Derek Featherstone has been working as a web professional since 1999 and is an internationally known speaker, teacher and authority on accessibility and web design. I was personally aware of Derek as he, working with Jeffrey Zeldman, helped lead the web standards charge in the early 2000’s. He was an Accessibility Group Lead for the Web Standards Project, a grassroots coalition fighting for standards which ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all. He’s authored several books and has produced a course on Accessibility on Lynda.com. He leads the team at Simply Accessible, a leading firm that delivers insightful and creative accessibility consulting to Fortune 500 corporations, educational institutions, public utilities, government agencies and other private sector clients.

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