Mobile Screen Readers 101 - Hands On for Developers & Designers


- 6:00 pm: Doors open, networking
- 6:15 pm: Housekeeping announcements
- 6:30 pm: Formal presentation / live stream begins
- 7:30 pm: Formal presentation / live stream ends, networking
- 8:00 pm: Event ends

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For this meetup event, learn the basics of using a mobile screen reader.

Mobile screen reader expert Sam Joehl will cover an overview of VoiceOver and TalkBack, how to navigate through user interfaces, common gestures used with each screen reader, and how to use mobile screen readers for testing.

The talk will also delve into accessibility architecture and how mobile screen readers use accessibility information to present an aural UI.

About our speaker

Sam Joehl brings 10 years of experience in the professional accessibility space, including four years providing direct on-site support to federal agencies, and over four years advising major telecommunications and cable providers on implementing compliance with the CVAA. Sam has an extensive holistic knowledge of assistive technologies, accessibility standards, and solutions for accessible web, mobile and software applications, electronic documents, multimedia, mobile devices and stand-alone hardware devices, and has been an advocate for accessible technology and environments through consumer advocacy organizations and grassroots accessibility groups. Sam was appointed twice to the FCC's Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) which provides advice and recommendations on a wide array of disability matters and facilitates the participation of people with disabilities in proceedings before the FCC and currently serves as co-chair of the DAC. In his free time Sam enjoys paddling with the Out of Sight Dragons, jazz, audio description and playing with new technology.

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