Getting started with Accessibility Insights


Come learn about Accessibility Insights directly from the team behind it! They'll give a presentation about the tool, features, how to use it, and future plans.

Accessibility Insights ( is a set of tools that help you quickly find and fix accessibility issues in you Web and Windows applications and soon in your mobile applications. In the live demo you’ll see how Accessibility Insights can help developers find and fix accessibility issues early in the development process, before the end product reaches the customers. The tools are fully open source, come with a zero false positives promise and cover all criteria for complete WCAG 2.1 compliance. As a developer or user of the tools, Accessibility Insights welcomes contributions and feature requests from you that can help define the future of accessibility not just at Microsoft but the entire community.


Fernanda Bonnin is a Program Manager in the Accessibility Insights team. She believes that education and awareness is a key agent of change, and tools that help developers find, fix, and learn about accessibility issues can increase consciousness about accessibility. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and gardening.

Shobhit Agarwal is a developer in the Accessibility Insights team. He believes that it’s imperative that a web-developer believes in accessible websites and tries to include tools like accessibility insights/axe-core into his toolset, to avoid shipping inaccessible code. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Liverpool FC games and replays or play FIFA on his xbox.

Adarsh Rema is a Program Manager with the Accessibility Insights team. He thinks of accessibility as a problem that can be solved by incremental improvements, buy working across boundaries of discipline, technology and organization. While he is not working, he likes to test Microsoft products for accessibility, read mystery/ literary fiction and write maudlin poetry.

Getting to the venue

98point6 is located on the 23rd floor of Columbia Center, at 701 5th Ave ( There are multiple entrances, including some along 4th Ave. We recommend that you come in through 5th Ave, as that will take you directly to the Lobby Level where you can find the elevator bank that will let you get to the 23rd floor.

(If you arrive after 6:30, you'll need a 98point6 team member to help with the elevator.)

Should you decide to use the entrances along 4th Ave, you will need to take the elevator or escalators up to the Lobby Level, then continue to the elevator bank that provides access to the 23rd floor. *Please note*: there is currently a broken escalator that may make this route more challenging.

Public Transit

Numerous transit lines serve 98point6, including the Link Light Rail (Pioneer Square Station). A full list of bus lines serving the area can be found on the transit wiki site for Seattle City Hall: 98point6 faces City Hall across Cherry St.


The 98point6 team are able to validate parking if you park in the Columbia Center parking garage (parking entrance is along Columbia Street and 5th Ave). Please be sure to provide the parking ticket to a 98point6 team member when you arrive for check in.


ASL or other accommodations are available by request. Please let us know as soon as possible to allow enough time for planning and scheduling.