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Connecting the Game Dev Community: January Meetup at YPSI SPARK

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Network with your fellow devs and enjoy guest lectures from...

Benjamin Ludwig, Creative Director of Dreaming Door Games (and also playwright, teacher, professor of mythology and former employee at Sega and LucasArts) will be speaking about his experiences creating a new video game studio in the Detroit area. He will also be speaking about games' potential as an artistic and literary medium and sharing some of the art and writing of Dreaming Door's upcoming release, Golden Treasure.

Garrett Hoofman is the organizer of the GamedevGR MeetUp ( ) and owner of Man Dog Studios ( ). Currently working for Open Systems Technologies ( ) as a consultant while working on the Fyo Game System ( ). Also working on the OPengine ( ) to create a long term game project called Set in Stone ( ).

Craig Burgess is the organizer of the Grand Rapids VR meetup ( ) owner of TreefortVR ( ) and SnowMonster Studios ( ). Currently working on a VR game - Unhallowed: The Cabin ( ), building a VR Flight Simulator and doing product development for the Fyo Game System.

Garrett and Craig will be speaking about the Fyo Game System, a customizable entertainment and advertising platform that utilizes customer phones as game controllers. They’ll be discussing how the system works, why turning a cell phone into a game controller is a great idea even for games outside of the Fyo System, and how you could get involved using our open source software to create games.

Refreshments will be provided.


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