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The Run - practice for Tough Mudder

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Join the "The Run" FB group: - we post events here too. Here is a rough map of the route, but there will be people who run at different paces who know the way so you will probably have someone to follow.

The full route is about 6.25 miles, but there are some optional turn-off points for a 2 mile route and a 4 mile route.

Please call/text if you're running late: David - (404) 610-0571. We'll be leaving at 1:10, which means if you come after that, you have to catch up! (And/or you should have texted David since his number is there for that reason...)

On the 6.25 miles route, there are 14-18 bridges. Every time you cross a bridge, it's time for pushups! (or burpees, or standing push-ups, or some other upper-body exercise of your choice). Pick how many you can do.

No runner left behind! If you are second from last, and don't hear footsteps behind you, slow down and wait. The group usually ends up splitting so that there's a few different pace groups anyway.

It will be cold so dress in layers. Have gloves and a hat, but don't wear a heavy coat because you will be too hot. There are likely going to be cars at Kerrytown, so you should be able to stash something there.

If you can make it to ABC before 3PM, they've got a brunch special.

This is in part training for an event some of us are doing in June, join us! Tough Mudder is epic, but you're welcome to join us for The Run without TM.


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