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Over 2 hrs Professional Stand up Paddle-board Instruction (and playing around)

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Price: $35.00 /per person
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OK, today isn't hot, but the sun is out and there is no reason you have to fear falling into the water because that won't happen with Mary's professional instruction. If at least 3 people from this group can't RSVP by 1PM today, the rest of the group will have to pay much for for their lesson. Last chance of the year for this, come on, take a chance of FUN!!!!

any questions? 248 247 4553

Because of the overwhelming success and happiness of everyone at the first professionally instructed paddle board event (link to that event with pictures above), I feel like it’s worth it to tempt weather and sneak in one more event this season. I personally had been out on a SUP at least 20 times, but I had terrible form and could have even injured myself had Mary not shown me the errors of my ways. I can now say with confidence that she is a great instructor and a very kind and patient woman.

Even if it turns out to be a cool day, there is no reason not to show up. Almost no one will actually fall into the water unless attempting an advanced maneuver and basically wants to.

Weather you are new to SUP or think you know what you’re doing (like I did), you will learn invaluable new skills and techniques by attending this event. Below is the original description I used for this event when I and everyone else who filled up her two capacity classes took a leap of faith.

A professional SUP (Stand Up Paddle-board) instructor recently offered my group a great discount if I can get more than 10 people to show up to the event. She’s been doing SUP for six years (in other words, she was one of the very first people ever), teaching and racing for 4 years, and teaching though Huron Valley Parks and Rec for 1.5 years.

For just $35 she supplies everything.

The class is 2 hours long and the best part is that we can continue to use the boards after the lesson.

I’ve seen many parks rent them for as much as $20 an hour with no instruction at all, and she’s offering well over 2 hours of time AND professional instruction for just $35!!!

If you could please RSVP at this event link: so that I may have enough deposits to make sure I cover what I will need to pay her to come out because, while the first event worked out perfectly, i don't want it to get a little cold and have everyone bail leaving me in the lurch. Thank you so much.

We will meet at the Teeple Lake boat launch, it is usually really quiet and has a beautiful lake with an really nice pavilion to hang out at.

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