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Ann Arbor New Tech Meetup

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Ann Arbor New Tech Meetup


Happy Hour (Sponsored by Ann Arbor Spark) Starting at 5:30 pm

Join us for our another A2 New Tech at 4M Venue, pitches start at 6:30pm.

• Pitch 1: KUHMUTE - Peter Deppe - KUHMUTE is the "Tesla Supercharger" for anything smaller than your typical electric vehicle. They provide parking and charging for e-scooters, e-bikes, wheelchairs, and more.

• Pitch 2: Politics on the Go - Arabia Simeon - PoGo is a civic tech company informing the next generation of voters. They are building a non-partisan personalized voter guide that streamlines down-ballot elections and issue-based research, creating an all-in-one hub for your voting info.

• Pitch 3: Steps After Life - Diana Milian - Steps After Life is a software-with-a-service (SwaS) company that combines the care of human concierges with the power of technology to help families navigate and resolve afterlife matters once the funeral services have concluded.

• Pitch 4: Ultima Insights - Noah Jacobs & Noah Cox - Ultima provides AI-powered insights for smarter investments. Their service is comprised of a brain-like neural network that automates the worst part of investment research.

• Pitch 5: RevKeep - Kevin Lasser - Revkeep’s software solution addresses two of the biggest issues healthcare providers face: diminishing profits and labor shortage.

• Pitch 6: Better Context - Jay Sen - Your last marketing hire is
Better Context AI. Better Context learns about your buyers, automates content creation, and optimizes over time.

Our monthly meeting format:
Each presenter takes the stage for 10 total minutes - five minutes to demo and five minutes to answer questions - with open announcements, and community networking.

— the A2 New Tech team

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Ann Arbor New Tech Meetup
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