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PYTHON - Basic tool for Data Science - Part 2

Don't worry if you missed part 1 of this webinar series. If you register for part 2 at https://www.aadatascience.com/webinar-python-20190324, we will send you the details to catch up on part 1. ​ Learn Python from, Alex, expert Python and Data Science instructor at AADS. Discover one of the most useful tools used in data analysis and data science today. Alex offered a great beginner level introduction to Python in part 1, and showed you how could use Python to analyze the Titanic disaster passenger data. He also showed you how to visualize this data. Part 2 continues to build on the concepts introduced in part 1. The topics in part 2 include: ​​ Python and Jupyter Notebook Pandas and Numpy Continue the analysis of Titanic passenger data Build a simple regression model Explore data visualization further ​ The free webinar series by AADS aims to introduce you to our instructors and course content. Contact us today, and see how we can help you take your career or business to the next level.

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