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What we’re about

This is a group for people interested in activities at the Gayatri Temple:  chanting mantras to improve our lives and for Self Realization. We will chant, do puja (worship services in Sanskrit), and hold satsang, discussing spiritual subjects.

Rev. Satyabhama will teach the workshops by Thomas Ashley-Farrand/Namadeva Acharya and the ones she wrote.   He is the author of Healing Mantras and many other works found at

Our lineage is Sadguru Sant Keshavadas and Satguru Rama Mata of Vishwa Shanti Ashram in Bangalore area. He also published many books. See   Satguru Rama Mata was here in 2012 for the workshop retreat and will be here again whenever we can schedule her.

The goal is to create a community here of like-minded spiritual people to band together to improve our lives and the lives of others sharing the planet.

There are many mantras for healing, many mantras for protection, and many mantras for success and abundance.  There are Liberation mantras from the rounds of rebirth.  There are mantras for Enlightenment, particularly the long Gayatri Mantra.

Chanting mantras is one way of reducing karma.  Attending pujas, where the priest chants most of the Sanskrit hymns, prayers, mantras, is bathing in the divine energy of the Sanskrit Language, while offerings are made to Ganesha or Lakshmi or Shiva or Saraswati or Guru Dattatreya or Rama or Krishna and others or specially constructed pujas for the Esoteric Holy Spirit, or Healing Rama, or Quan Yin, or the super shakti Esoteric Prosperity Puja. Fire Ceremonies/yajnas will be done at different locations.

"Puja is worship.  It becomes just a ritual when the inner meaning of the puja is not understood.  Puja is an essential part of the spiritual sadhana, or discipline.  It is a mystical communion with the divine." quotation by Sadguru Sant Keshavadas from his book Cosmic Shakti Kundalini, page 22.

The temple is a place of peace. It is a place of practice & purification, healing & rejuvenation, stillness & quiet. A place of rest. A place of oneness and community, joy and connection. A sanctuary for the teachings of Bhakti Yoga.

Please join us to deepen your spiritual experience, share in satsang (spiritual discussion, chanting) with other devotees and meet new people with your same spiritual interests.

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