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July regular discussion (topic forthcoming)
Topic coming soon - this is a placeholder so you can RSVP and mark your calendar. I like to alternate among brain, mind, and AI topics. Our June topic (memes) was more mind-oriented, so July will likely relate to AI. If there's a particular topic you would like to discuss, send your suggestion and recommended resources to [masked] by Saturday, June 23, 2018. Primary resources should take no more than three hours to read/view/listen to. No time limits on additional (optional) recommended resources. Thanks.

North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center

7521 Carmel, NE (505) 764-6475 · Albuquerque, NM


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Meet and collaborate online with others who share a passion for the scientific exploration of cognition, intelligence, and consciousness relevant to humans, artificial intelligence (AI) systems, and advanced animals. Science guides our inquiries and discussions. This is not a New Age or spiritually oriented group.

Is This Group for You?

To enjoy and benefit from participating in this group, you don't have to be a scientist. If the following apply to you, you are a good candidate for our group:

• Genuinely interested in the group's focal topics (brain, mind, cognition, intelligence, AI, etc.)

• You want to learn about and discuss these topics from an empirical, science-oriented perspective (rather than from a religious, spiritualistic, metaphysical, or New Age perspective)

• Lifelong learner who is able and willing to review posted materials prior to each meeting and to participate in discussions

• Self-disciplined in civil discourse (trolling, proselytizing, and other overly dominating, aggressive, or abusive behaviors won't be tolerated)

• Local to greater Albuquerque, New Mexico, or able to maintain collaboration remotely, through our blog ( or by other technological means

• Additionally, it would benefit the group's learning and social objectives if you are able and willing occasionally to take the lead on preparing and facilitating a discussion or related event (relevant field trip or guest speaker, etc.).

Active Participation: You are welcome to be primarily a listener, but we'll all get more from our group if you put forward your own relevant questions, ideas, and understandings.


There is no charge for membership, but maintaining the Meetup and web sites costs nearly $200 per year. Your voluntary contribution will be greatly appreciated. If you want to contribute, you may do so during meetings or send it to the facilitator at PayPal.Me/evolvemind ( $5 per year would be reasonable.

Nearly all meetings are free, but some meetings may charge for attendance if the venue or the event organized by another group includes a charge. This will be announced and managed per event.


We plan to meet once per month for a discussion, lecture, field trip, or an occasional social gathering.

For the benefit of a successful group experience, we require that you:

• be respectful and civil at all events and in all comments posted on this site or our primary collaboration site at (send your preferred email address to to gain read/write access).

• to remain an active member of the group, access this website and RSVP (Yes or No) a minimum of once in a three (3) month period. If you do not, your membership will be removed. Members in good standing may rejoin at any time.

• be true to your RSVPs. If you RSVP "Yes" and you do not attend or call or text the host (preferably before the event start time), you are a "No-Show." Your membership will be reviewed and possibly canceled if you are a "No-Show" three (3) times without reasonable cause. If you RSVP "No", or if you do not RSVP, we are not expecting you and your absence will not cause an inconvenience.

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