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Veggie Love Summer Potluck at Diet For Living School!
YES! YES ! YES! Join us SUNDAY, JULY 8 at 5 PM for the Veggie Love Summer Potluck at Diet For Living School! Please RSVP by July 6, 2017! Welcome to our continually expanding community founded to celebrate our passionate love affair for the Plant-Based Diet. We have been coming together for eight years to enjoy each other's company, make friends, share recipes and provide inspiration for each other. Bring your favorite Raw Vegan Dish or Healthy Cooked Vegan Dish and we'll label them clearly to honor those who are staying 'high raw', or 100% Raw. If you are a member attending your first Potluck please: >Print out your recipe ingredients and only use organic fruits and vegetables. >Please take note that we are gluten-free, white sugar-free, dairy-free and only eat unpasteurized, unprocessed foods. When you RSVP, there is a space for you to include a guest. If you're going to bring someone, please use that method instead of emailing separately or adding a comment. Out of respect to the Hosts we also kindly ask that you cancel your RSVP if your plans change. Email with any questions. We love it when you bring a dish! So please bring your favorite, home-prepared raw vegan dish. Look up recipe ideas on Google, take a quest to your favorite bookstore, ask US. Get into the Spirit! If you can't bring a dish let us know by March 4 and we will make extra goodies; we only ask that you contribute $15 to the cost. Come join us! Everyone Welcome!

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    Plant-strong cuisine is taking the world by storm. Some people flock to plant-powered eating for better health; others for spiritual beliefs, animal welfare, respect for the environment or pure curiosity. We welcome everyone with an appetite.

    For more then ten years Diet For Living School has been hosting this meet-up group. We look forward to coming together with others to share our love affair with green eating. Because raw foods play a powerful role in the plant-based diet, you will see raw dishes alongside cooked veggie dishes throughout the table. We adore the imagination and creativity our newbie members and old friends bring to the event.


    We are a flexible and open group of people who love to get together around a big table of healthy food dishes and talk a lot, laugh a lot, share and make friends. Our ultimate message is that food is more then fuel, it's community.


    Please take note that our meet-up group encourages our members to bring dishes that are made of organic, vegan, plant based foods that have not been bottled, packaged or processed and do not contain white sugar or wheat. We are passionate about keeping our food clean and real. Got questions? Always feel free to call us: 505-243-1157

    If our group calls to you please join us while we celebrate whole, nourishing, healthy food together and get Veg inspired! If you want to bring a friend, sign them up too! This food tastes best when shared.

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