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This group is about the everyday needs, concerns, and questions that we all have surrounding our personal health. We are surrounded by a plethora of different health options; information; and a variety of resources. As a result, there is often times a lot of contradictory and redundant messages that require more and more of our time to discern what is right for each of us and our families.

We aim to share our findings, questions, and experiences with each other in the hopes of making the navigation of this landscape much easier and empowering.

We will have sharing and topic discussion meetups to start out with; and depending on what is brought up, we can have various presentations; in depth explorations of specific health topics; possibly some demonstrations / "field trips"; and product showcases, as this meetup group develops.

We are all about taking personal responsibility for our health and how we can help, empower, and support each other in our endeavors towards that end!

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Further idea brainstorm and more.

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Ideas on how we would like to develop this Meetup!

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