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Law of Attraction 101-The Art of Allowing/Meditation
Good Day Dearest Cocreators, Life is self fulfilling for each and every one of us. It is filled with thoughts, culminating in ideas which are all manifestations of the Mind. When the ideas manifest into form it is taking thought to the Leading Edge of Creation. It results in the tangible, tasteable, hearable, touchable, feelable, smellable, emotional experience of Life. Each of us has an Inner Being--some call it God, Source, Spirit, Universe, Buddha, Jesus, Light.... YOU, ME. I Like to call it LIFE!! If you woke up today you are expressing LIFE in this human experience. At the same time you cannot separate yourself from the YOU that you know yourself to be--this Inner Essence and Presence of LIFE!! It is such an Integral part of LIFE, indivisible and inseparable from every aspect of the nature of existence. This Creative Intelligence is expressing in each and every one of us--it is a part of everything. Each of us has the innate ability to experience our Inner Presence. To feel the free flowing pure positive expansive nature of that which we are. HOw cool is that!! This is the Nirvana of Life--the Inner Presence that allows for the expression of LIfe as we know it here on planet earth. We will be tuning into that Inner Deliciousness of Life. It will be another off the charts experience. Create yourselves a glorious day.

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    The focus on this group is self-awareness and the ability to live a happy life. We practice achieving alignment with that ( Source, Spirit, Love) which we are, using tools provided by Abraham-Hicks and similar teachers of the Laws of Attraction, Allowing, and Creation.

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