#GetHired through Hire51's Data Analytics Hiring Drive (Virtual Event)

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* This is an online only event. Job Seeker Apply, and they'll be contacted by Recruiters if selected *

Job Seeker Signup Page: http://math.im/dtdc

Recruiter Signup Page: http://math.im/dtdr

No long lines, No handshakes, until you're drafted!

AnalyticsWeek's Hire51 is bringing world's largest data analytics hiring drive to town. By last day of every month topdata and analytics talent applicant apply to Data Analytics Talent Drive to help us bring top data opportunities to topdata professionals.

Here's the process:

When: Each month talent run starts with first day of the month. (Data Analytics Hiring Drive resume collection stops last day of the previous month)

Where: In your own preferred city.


> For Job Seeker:

1. Applicant apply as Job Seeker at: http://math.im/dtdc

2. Anonymized candidates chosen by recruiters will be contacted via email in 3 weeks

3. Upon interview, successful drafted candidate is celebrated in #DataTalentDraft communityIf you're DRAFTED(interviewed and hired), we have some awesome swags for you.

> For Recruiter:

1. Recruiters signup using the form at: http://math.im/dtdr

2. We will share anonymized candidate info and give a week to pick shortlisted candidates

3. Once recruiter shortlist winning profile, we will ask the candidate and send introduction

Here are some things to know about Data Analytics Hiring Drive:

• It is a continuously rolling event on monthly basis

• Candidates will be contacted once their profile is shortlisted by a recruiter

• The candidate profile is kept in database for 3 months

• Candidate with 3 months and older profile are requested to refresh the profile to activate it back again

• Hire51's Data Talent Draft works tirelessly to connect top talent with top recruiting companies

• We are designing an AI bot to scan your profile and go on a hunt to find the right job that suits your profile

• Every passing day we are getting smarter and connecting more profiles to right jobs

• You don't need to go anywhere to participate, just apply on the link given above & below and complete the process so our engine will start working to find right opportunity for you.

In case you missed the links above:

-> Data Analytics Hiring Drive Job-Seeker Signup @ http://math.im/dtdc

-> Data Analytics Hiring Drive Recruiter Signup @ http://math.im/dtdr