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Bringing leaders together from anywhere in the world - John Tooth

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Bringing leaders together from anywhere in the world - John Tooth


"In this session, we’ll step through a method to help leadership teams form and align. We’ll move through how to raise awareness of personal needs and behavioural standards shared by a leadership team, including how to tackle some of the more difficult conversations that can arise in these workshops.
In the Leadership Team Launch, remote:af has designed a pattern to bring leadership teams together from a range of contexts regardless of location. While we’ll be focusing on how the leaders form an working agreement, there will be space to discuss their systems of work and operational cadence patterns as well.

Learning Outcomes:
• establish an understanding of personal needs within leadership teams
• understand the differences between what is important to each leader in the team
• facilitate powerful discussions about behavioural expectations
• advice around facilitating the method with minimised synchronous work

Haven’t heard of remote:af? remote:af can help you get aligned, coordinated, connected and informed. remote:af is a set of context sensitive patterns that make impediments to value creation visible and enable leaders and teams to take decisive action.

All remote:af patterns are:
• Designed to enable remote, hybrid and distributed work
• Modular so you can customise to your needs
• Tool and framework agnostic, it enhances what you do today
• Repeatable, it works for all teams across your organization

John is a co-creator of the Remote Agility Framework. Motivated by enabling autonomy through trust and purpose, John has supported many teams and organisations to become self-sufficient within their context. He is enthusiastic about pragmatically blending various approaches to context and is passionate about holding space for empathy in business.

Access Agile Freestival (The Free Agile Festival)
Access Agile Freestival (The Free Agile Festival)
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