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Humans are social creatures and group dynamics make us do fascinating things, when we are answering to other people, we can do things we can’t do on our own.

That’s the theory behind accountability groups i.e. small groups united around everyone achieving a common goal. As a qualified coach having experienced first-hand the benefits of belonging to an accountability group in the US (where it is more popular), I decided to start my own one here, in London, hoping to find other like-minded people who are willing to make commitments and use social accountability to stay consistent with those commitments. Just telling one person about your goals, and asking him or her to hold you accountable for your commitments can make you much more likely to follow through with your plans. So imagine if you tell ten people about it!

Practically speaking, we want to organise monthly meetings in which members will be encouraged to identify and set short-term goals that will help them meet their ultimate goal in life: HAPPINESS (hope we all agree there!). The room will be split into several small groups that will work on issues such as time management, healthy living, career progression, family relationships, daily routine, language learning, hobbies, etc.

Once a short-term goal is in place, it is expected that members will meet that goal prior to the next group session. We will use social media as a way to check on that, for instance by posting pictures of you working out at the gym or cooking a meal for your family. The idea is to keep in touch with the other members of the group in between meetings, more on all that in the first meeting that should be advertised soon, as soon as I have found a venue to host it!

Thank you, Raphael.

PS: this group used to be dedicated to people learning French, this is no longer the case so please don't hesitate to leave it if you think that this is no longer relevant to you.

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