ONLINE A Course In Miracles & General Networking (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

A Course In Miracles & Community Networking, 3rd Sun ONLINE
A Course In Miracles & Community Networking, 3rd Sun ONLINE
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When you attend this event, you will...

• Connect with a diverse group of people interested in A Course In Miracles, personal, economic, spiritual and community development.

• (NOTE: So you know what to expect and not to expect. This is NOT a study group on A Course In Miracles. The format is NOT the usual format of a study group. This is a general community networking event co-organized by A Course In Miracles teachers/students and community builders of diverse backgrounds. We have included ACIM in the collaborative monthly event so ACIM students can connect in person and join us in applying ACIM principles in ACTION in the community. For your information, sometimes only a few ACIM students may show up or identify themselves in the self-introduction at a particular month. Come only if you are willing to enjoy something you may not expect; some say the networking event is better than they expected. At the event, if you like, mention you are a teacher/student of ACIM. The co-organizers and sponsors are students/teachers of ACIM.) Click below to register for the online networking. Look forward to connect with you!