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What Kind of Miracles Are We Talking About?

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As a contemporary writer (and advertising copywriter), I would never have titled this book nor the practice itself, A Course in Miracles. Number one; it makes a holy journey of truth and love sound like New Age conjuring or something along the lines of witchcraft or self absorption. Number two; the word “Course” makes it sound like a commitment to lots of classes and homework -- and imagine how hard that homework would be if the aim is to enable you to alter physical reality on demand. You also have the looming definition of miracles in the Old and New Testament, which include the parting of the Red Sea to raising Lazarus from the grave.

Actually, the true ACIM definition of a miracle is your gaining the ability to substitute love as your response to ALL things. When you thoroughly consider the implications, this would be a far greater and continuing experience, rather than the biblical examples, which however mind-blowing, are only one-time examples of breaking the laws of science. But however mistitled A Course in Miracles might be, it does not detract from a very simple fact; there is no greater miracle than to have the ability to see and experience love in every single situation in our lives. If you think that’s not literally awesome, see if you can do it for just the next 2 hours.


It is not necessary to read the book or have any prior knowledge of A Course in Miracles to participate, grow from and appreciate our discussions. This Course is appropriate for beginners as well as the experienced. Everyone gets what she or he needs at any level. For those who do want to study this topic in the book or online, please refer to the Text Chapter 16, The Forgiveness of Illusions, Section II The Power of Holiness, which in my edition is on page 332 and Text Chapter 1, The Meaning of Miracles, Section I Principles of Miracles, on page 3.


Please note that although the word "Course" is in the title, you do not have to sign up for a series. Each meeting is an entity unto its own, so please come join us at any time.

The cost of each individual class is $15, however if you pay for four classes in advance, it is $12. The advance dates you pay for do not have to be consecutive dates.