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Pain Serves a Purpose

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The Course has an interesting take on both emotional and physical pain. On one hand it says that pain causes us to identify ourselves as our body, which gives us a motivation to wonder if there isn’t something more available to us on a higher, spiritual level. On the other hand, it presents a conundrum. It tell us that what is joyful to the spirit is painful to the body because the ego will make us suffer when we choose it over our spiritual beingness. The Course tells us, “If you will accept yourself as God created you, you will be incapable of suffering.” To achieve peace and joy in our lives, we must change the way we perceive pain, which is to see it as a calling out for love -- a love that can only come through the Divine. Please come and share your experience, as each new perspective brings another miracle.


Please note: IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO READ THE BOOK OR HAVE ANY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF A COURSE IN MIRACLES TO PARTICIPATE AND ADVANCE SPIRITUALLY THROUGH OUR DISCUSSIONS. Yes, the Course is that powerful and is one of the few spiritual practices where you are given a step-by-step guide to realizing your true self; knowing – and more importantly feeling -- that God is inside you. Together let’s explore what these affirmations mean and how we can significantly improve our lives. Come find out how close you already are.


For those who do want to study this topic in the book or online, please refer to the Text, Chapter 10 Section V which in my book is on pages 189 through 192 and in the Workbook for Students, Lesson 190 from pages 361 through 362.



Please note that although the word "Course" is in the title, you do not have to sign up for a series. Each meeting is an entity unto its own, so please come join us at any time.

The cost of each individual class is $15, however if you pay for four classes in advance, it is $12. The advance dates you pay for do not have to be consecutive dates.

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