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Failing you way to success: Myths and Secrets of learning from failure
Failure is not fun. It’s often socially painful and in certain circumstances, deadly. We keep our mental brooms handy to sweep problematic incidents under the rug. Potential lessons learned go unlearned and the same mistakes are repeated over and over. What are the tools and behaviors you and your organization can use to break this cycle? What are the potentials and pitfalls? Can we learn from failures without being seen as a failure? Dr. Fox is an award winning professor and leading consultant in the area of team learning and has spent many years helping the US Forest Service improve responses to wildfires by learning from the unintended outcomes of processes and policies. Her research based tools and trainings have saved lives. Dr. Fox teaches for the Learning From Unintended Outcomes Annual Training for the US Forest Service National Advanced Fire Resource Institute (NAFRI), and serves as a Technical Specialist in Communication for Fire Safety out of Region 8. She also serves on the Capital Area Fire Adapted Communities Coalition, Education and Outreach Task Force. Fail fast, Fail forward. These are popular refrains but the truth is that learning from failure is often slow and riddled by recursiveness. Come learn the tools and behaviors that will help you fail your way to success.

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Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Design, Gamification, Psychology... We explore anything that allows us to make large-scale, positive impact on people's behavior. We discuss the emerging efforts of many industries to improve the behaviors of people through products, services, programs, and policy.

Building tools and experiences are not enough anymore. We need to take into account the quirky psychology of the human brain and design for it.

Our work spans:

• Designing explicitly to improve human behaviors (exercise, diet, budgeting, volunteering)

• As well as improving overall engagement in any product, service, or program, or policy.

We touch many different subjects: persuasive technology, choice architecture, emotional design, cognitive design, positive psychology, marketing, gameful design, game thinking, copywriting, funnel-optimization, social work, persuasive psychology, behaviorism, cognitive behavioral therapy and many other related topics.

Our methods will include presentations, discussions, guest speakers, hack-a-thons, joint projects and more.

Our founder, Robin Krieglstein, is a researcher with the Stanford Behavior Design Lab with Dr. BJ Fogg. He has consulted a dozen+ Fortune 500's, founded the first gamified, goal-achievement social network, founded the Design Group at LeapFrog toys and has been working on applying behavioral science to improve human behavior for decades. He is also an officer of the International Action Design Network.

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