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What we’re about

Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Design, Gamification, Psychology... We explore anything that allows us to make large-scale, positive impact on human behavior. We discuss the emerging efforts of many industries to help people improve their behavior through things like products, services, programs, policy or other experiences.

Building tools and experiences is not enough anymore. We need to take into account the quirky psychology of the human brain.

We cover both:
• Designing explicitly to improve human behaviors (exercise, diet, budgeting, volunteering)

• As well as improving overall engagement & outcomes for any product, service, or program, or policy.

We touch many different subjects: persuasive technology, choice architecture, emotional design, cognitive design, positive psychology, marketing, gameful design, game thinking, copywriting, funnel-optimization, social work, persuasive psychology, behaviorism, cognitive behavioral therapy and many other related topics.

Our methods include presentations, discussions, guest speakers, hack-a-thons, joint projects, and more.

Our founder, Robin Krieglstein, is a pioneer in designing for behavior change with 2 decades in the field. He's CEO of Live Neuron Labs, which has consulted a dozen+ Fortune 500's and large non-profits on large-scale behavior change initiatives. He was a guest researcher with the Stanford Behavior Design Lab with Dr. BJ Fogg. He founded the first gamified, goal-achievement social network and Facebook App, founded the Design Group at LeapFrog toys. He is also an officer of the International Action Design Network.

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LIVE NEURON LABS: Thank you to Live Neuron Labs for contributing organization, content, speakers, etc. to make these events possible. Live Neuron Labs is a leading source of consulting, training, and speaking in the field of designing for behavior change. Live Neuron Labs offers a systematic approach that pulls from a variety of cutting-edge science, a diverse set of media techniques, and disciplined execution under real-world project pressures.

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