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Active Thinkers For & Against

1. Introduction

1. This Adelaide meetup is about thinking and big ideas. The organizer has wide interests himself, but has found in the past that social interest topics rather than more specialized scientific or technical topics attract wider participation. The quality of the discussion depends on (and varies) with whoever happens to turn up. Everyone is expected to take an active part.

Simple opinions are often a bit lazy. The organizer of Active Thinkers For & Against (Thor) hopes to find people who will put a little time and mental energy into exploring all sorts of challenging ideas. For him this is a kind of sport. People with curious minds who can see both sides of an argument and are genial enough to agree to disagree sometimes are especially welcome. In fact, expect to be challenged occasionally to offer an argument against your own preferred viewpoint ^_^ . If your background is not Australian, this cultural style might be a bit confusing at first. Don’t be offended by open disagreement. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around.

For each topic the organizer adds some extra reading links and comments. It helps if you look at some of these before the discussion. has unfortunately deleted the 'comments' menu where we used to put these links (grrr). You can still find the links and comments on the Active Thinkers companion page in Facebook Groups at (scroll past the Focus Questions to Extra Reading).

You can see a list of previous topics discussed at (This is in old form html at the moment, so hard to read on a small screen).  This group also has a Facebook page at

2.  Time and Venue

Active Thinkers may run as either an online Zoom meetup, or as a cafe meetup. Most recently Zoom meetups have run on Tuesday evenings, 6pm to 8 pm. Cafe meetings, when we have them, have been in the Cafe Brunelli, Rundle St, Adelaide CBD, Any cafe meetup will probably be on Saturdays, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. This seems to be the least busy cafe time on Saturdays.

The meetup asks for a $2 donation. That helps to pay in New York for a website subscription of about A$160 every 6 months. Either bring a $2 coin (for a café meetup) or you can transfer $2 to my account using Pay ID. To send money you just need my mobile number: 0479 154 831. (Every Australian bank has a Pay ID phone app to download).

See you soon,   Thor [.. about 150 articles by Thor]  [5 minute video of Thor teaching English in China, 2010]


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