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What we’re about

This is a meetup for people with an interest in the rationalist community, including the Astral Codex X blog, LessWrong, the Center for Applied Rationality, and the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

I started this group back in 2018 but haven't actually held any meetups yet, I've kind of been lurking and gathering members. In 2023, in response to Scott Alexander's call for local ACX meetup organizers, I decided to rebrand the group from a general rationalist meetup to an ACX-focused rationalist meetup.

ACX started as someone's personal blog, Slate Star Codex. It grew out of “the rationalist community”, a mostly-online subculture of people trying to work together to figure out how to distinguish truth from falsehood using insights from probability theory, cognitive science, and AI.

Particular topics that we could discuss include artificial intelligence, epistemic risk, Bayesian reasoning, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, epistemology, cognitive science and cognitive biases, self-improvement, probability estimate calibration training, decision theory, transhumanism, technology, effective altruism, rationalist community building, psychology, economics, and more.