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In 2010 I had an inner urging to create a website where people from around the world could exchange their dreams and visions for a better planet with other like-minded people. When that was in place we created a local meetup group (Create a New World) that was active in the community doing acts of collective service and bringing people together for meetings and workshops where we focused on potentials and solutions instead of problems.  Now it is time for action, and that is where our new name, Add Your Energy, comes in. We all know things need to change on every level, but the time has come where talking about it isn't enough. It is imperative for people to begin moving the needed changes into the world through the choices and actions taken in their daily lives.

Add Your Energy is a sister organization to The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness, a non-profit here in Charlotte. Where The Kumara Center's focus is centered on deeper esoteric teachings for spiritual seekers, Add Your Energy's purpose is to connect people from all backgrounds and belief systems together from the space of the heart, in the pursuit of both connection and fun. 

Join this group if you are someone who always knew there were better ways of doing things on Earth, and like to focus your energy on moving toward change, instead of just complaining about the existing systems. Or, join this group just because you love to learn new things, have an open mind and are looking to have good, clean fun with great people.  Come and check us out online at and  on Facebook to see if our vibe resonates with you.

There is no subscription fee to be a member of AYE, as this as an act of loving service to humanity. Donations, which help us pay the rent, are always greatly appreciated and there is also a link on where you can donate via Paypal.

I'm excited to begin this new phase of the Create a New World campaign...Add Your Energy!

One love,


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